OPEN WORLDS Limited Public Playtest 2020

The Open Worlds™ Limited Public Playtest 2020 is a print-and-play opportunity for gamers to preview and provide final feedback on Open Worlds: Battle for Extra-Solar Planets™.  The downloadable PDF files have everything needed to print, test, and play the 2-Player format of Open Worlds™, including:

      • Complete Rules
      • 2 54-card predesigned Player Decks
      • 2 54-card Booster sets for each Player Deck
      • A 36-card Worlds Deck

The faces of the printable cards utilize printer-ink-light icon art rather than the full art slated for the release of the final product. Every game element is present in the format of the intended final release.  Two distinctly-colored card backs are provided for the Player Decks and Boosters. If you choose to sleeve your printable cards you can save the printer ink these backs would otherwise use. The same is true of the Worlds Deck.

To download the rules, click the link below:

Rules – Open Worlds – Limited Public Playtest 2020

The downloadable print & play cards will be available soon. Check back.

Feedback Desired

If you have previously playtested the game, you will see changes reflecting prior feedback and observations. Discard (“Trash”), for example, now occurs before Draw Cards, which tempers the manic “rush to finish” that occurred in some games where one Player gained a temporary, early advantage. The Conquer and Defend features of Ground Forces are also more refined with clear instructions card-by-card.

For this playtest, the rules are the key focus. Are they clear and readable? Is it easy to find answers to questions that arise? What has been overlooked? Appendix D is new and includes a detailed sample first turn. Does it help you get up and running, or does it raise more questions than it answers? Appendix C (Introductory Game Variation) is not as new, but it’s been streamlined. Does it still serve as a good introduction for beginning players?

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