Open Worlds™

OPEN WORLDS™ is an expandable strategy card game set in humanity’s foreseeable, space-faring future. Players compete to control a sector of exoplanets.

You direct a multi-world conglomerate. Until now, operations have been within the Sol System—Earth, Luna, Mars, Titan, and other bodies in Earth’s home solar system. The rule of law has applied.

Now there is star drive. Your conglomerate has built a fleet and can reach unclaimed extra-solar worlds rich in resources.

Each game occurs in a sector beyond Sol governance. Your goal is to dominate the sector’s exoplanets before the law arrives. You deploy fleets, install prosperous facilities, position strong defenses, and take military action when you must. Your deck represents your organization’s resources that are available to you. The higher your income, the more cards you draw.

For now, there are no laws. There is only the demand for interstellar profit. Your mission is to meet that demand before the law arrives.

In the two-player game, five unclaimed planets are at issue, each with its own characteristics affecting the desirability and ease or difficulty of developing the world. One game generally takes about 10 to 20 minutes. The disputed worlds change from game to game, drawn from a 36-card deck of unique extra-solar planets. With more than 2 players there are more worlds and the game takes longer.

Open Worlds™ is in the final stages of playtesting and development.

Print & Play Limited Public Playtest

East of Orion™ will soon conduct a final, limited public playtest of Open Worlds with downloadable files designed with all elements of the game in a format created to go easy on home printer ink (i.e., no color-heavy graphic art). For more information about the Print & Play Limited Public Playtest, CLICK HERE

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