East of Orion™ is about entertaining games that spark a player’s imagination. We produce games we like to play. Our initial games are prepared for purchase at reasonable prices through online shops, like The Game Crafter–the host of the annual Madison, Wisconsin Protospiel.

Our first released game is Battlespace Sirius™–a tactical tabletop game of space combat for 2 to 6 players and lots of room to demonstrate your strategic prowess or diplomatic skill as players decide which other players to engage (and not engage) in a 20-minute contest to be the last remaining vessel. Battlespace Sirius is played with 2-to-6 playing cards representing each player’s Ship. It’s fun and quick. It’s a great filler on game day, and it’s portable enough to be taken and played anywhere.

Image of 6 Starship Poker-Sized Cards: Blue, Green, Platinum, Orange, Red, and Purple, in a horizontal row

Our next game will be Open Worlds: Battle for Extra-Solar Planets™–an expandable strategy card game for strategists of many styles.

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